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When you receive a BIOS Upgrade from, you can be assured that you are receiving the absolute latest in BIOS technology. With our SureFlash Technology you can be certain that your BIOS Upgrade will go as smooth as possible.

Benefits of SureFlash

Operating System Independent. No need to create a Boot disk. *  
Updates your BIOS without any need to touch or remove the existing BIOS chip!  
Nearly hands free operation. Insert the diskette, power up your computer, and let it run!  
Menu driven utility automatically backs up your original BIOS before flashing and updates your new BIOS by simply pressing one key on your keyboard! Also allows recovering of your old BIOS with one key operation.

Error checking ensures the correct BIOS gets flashed onto your computer BEFORE writing to the ROM chip.  

All of our BIOS Upgrades also include:

  • Free Technical Support
  • Easy to read installation instructions
  • BIOS Secrets Guide *
  • Free Upgrades for one year **
  • Exclusive SPECIAL OFFERS for our other products
  • 14 years of unparalleled experience
  * Does not Apply to Downloads
** For systems on record