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CheckIt Diagnositcs: Troubleshoot, Test, Repair and Diagnose Hardware Issues
eSupport Diagnostic POSTcard: Power-On Self-Test Card for Notebook Diagnostics
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Windows® 8, Windows® 7, XP or Vista
64MB RAM | 110MB free disk space
Supports three bus interfaces:
CheckIt Diagnostics
Find Problems Before They Start

Discover Hidden Issues Before Disaster Strikes
Don't replace it, fix it! Get ahead of hardware failures, prevent surprises and eliminate errors and crashes by diagnosing and troubleshooting many hardware and system problems. Fix codecs, drivers, and system software registry. CheckIt Diagnostics helps prolong the life of your PC and components, and saves money by avoiding unnecessary upgrades.

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Easy-to-use interface

Test routers, USB, FireWire® and other ports to pinpoint connection failures

Test the latest hardware and plug-and-play devices like web, video and digital cameras, wireless modems, Windows® Mobile devices, printers, scanners and more

Generates email reports and sends to specified addresses

Version check and updating keep CheckIt Diagnostics software up-to-date

Includes updated hardware tests for CD/DVD, CPU, video, hard disk, external/removable disks, memory, graphics, software (system audit), network, monitor, audio, modem and printers

Component tests now include information about the component, results and possible fixes

Fix codecs, drivers and the system software registry
eSupport Diagnostic POSTcard
Mini PCI-E/Mini PCI Diagnostics Tool

Debug Dead Notebooks Fast
If you troubleshoot dead laptops, this diagnostic card will save you time and money. The eSupport POSTcard is an easy to use diagnostic card that helps you diagnose even hard to find motherboard failures. The eSupport POSTcard plugs into a Mini PCI or Mini PCI Express (PCI-E) expansion slot and in seconds is displaying test results, often pinpointing the exact bad component.

Monitor POST Routines
Trouble areas found by the system ROM BIOS (Basic Input Output System) POST routine are immediately defined and displayed on the eSupport POSTcard's digital display.

Identify Failures Easily and Quickly
If the computer hangs during the POST routine, The eSupport POSTcard shows you the test number it failed on. You can then look up the meaning of this POST code in the manual, and immediately determine which circuit is bad.

Small, Durable, and Dependable
The eSupport POSTcard is so small that it will fit into your shirt pocket and durable enough that it will last for years.

Great User's Guide
The eSupport POSTcard comes with a comprehensive user's guide that explains installation and use, lists the POST codes for all major BIOS makers and is loaded with useful troubleshooting tips and support data.

The eSupport POSTcard will plug into either a MINI PCI or Mini PCI Express (PCI-E) expansion slot. Optionally uses the LPC interface to display POST code data, as well.

Latest BIOS POST codes for Phoenix BIOS, AMI BIOS, Award BIOS and Insyde BIOS.

Works with all brands of notebooks: Acer, ASUS, Dell, Compaq, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and many more.....

*Special Offer: Order by October 31, 2021 and receive CheckIt Diagnostics FREE!