License Key Troubleshooting - License Key Error Codes

If a License Key fails an error code will appear in parentheses next to the failure message.

Please be sure you are entering the License Name in the License Name field and not the License Key in the License Name field and vice versa.

License Key Screen

License Key Error Codes:

  • 0x800000AC - This code means that the License Name is entered incorrectly. Please verify that everything is spelled exactly as it appears in your confirmation email.

  • 0x80000AE - This code means that you are using the License Key on the wrong product. For example, you have been issued a key for FileRestorePlus™, but you are entering the key in the UndeletePlus program.

  • 0x800000C1 - This code means that there are incorrect characters entered in the License Key field. Please verify that this information has been entered correctly.

  • 0x800000C7 - This code means the length of the License Key is invalid. The License Key must be 23 characters long including the hyphens between each set of characters.

  • 0x800000D0 & 0x800000D1 - These codes mean that the date and time on your system may be set incorrectly. Verify that the date and time on your system are correct. These error codes can also mean that the license key you are trying to enter has already expired.

Please be sure there are no spaces before or after the license name and number.

If you still have trouble entering your license information, please Open a Support Ticket and include the error message displayed in parentheses within the body of the ticket.

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