A Jolly Good Gift Idea for the Frugal,
No-Frills Holiday Shopper

The Holidays are fast approaching and if your wallet does not recover from buying binges like it used to, you are not alone.  Many are planning to shop more conservatively this year. There's nothing wrong with having a "no-frills" holiday - one where you spend less and spend what you do more wisely.

This desire to be more frugal may be difficult if you think that a new family computer might be necessary because the old one is slow and unreliable and you're tired of its temperamental behavior. It may be really tempting to head on down to the store and to whip out your credit card. Hold on, before you do invest in a new PC, take a deep breath and consider this: the problems with your PC may be fixable. You may be able to get it running like new with RegistryWizard™.

Every time a new application is installed or a setting is changed within Windows, an entry documenting the change is added to a database repository called the Windows Registry. Over time the registry fills up with these entries and becomes cluttered and fragmented. This can cause your PC to slow down or crash or to have an assortment of other problems.

RegistryWizard is an all-in-one tool for correcting 24 different types of errors in your PC's registry. If you have RegistryWizard, be sure to run the scan as frequently as once every couple of months. If you don't have RegistryWizard, consider getting it.

Another way to get your PC functioning like new is to use DriverAgent™ - see the story below of how a family revived a laptop by updating obsolete or missing drivers.

Family Saves Money By Using DriverAgent to Revive Notebook for Son

After reading the Oct, Issue 14 newsletter I thought I would share with you my experience with DriverAgent.

My son Callum is about to turn 7 years, and has been having ICT lessons at primary school now for a year, as well working on the home PC.  So me and my wife were considering what would be a good next step to help with his learning, education, and enjoyment in the use of computers.

We were looking at spending around £250+ (US$410+) for a small notebook, but while clearing out the spare room I came across an old notebook that had been resigned there because it had been quickly outdated and very frequent BSOD [Blue Screen of Death]. So before we decided to part company with the old one, once and for all, I thought about trying DriverAgent™ on it.

Very quickly it identified the vast array of outdated drivers, and after taking some care and a little time updating the notebook, with the brilliant assistance of DriverAgent, we now have a very stable entry level notebook for my son.

Saving us the cost of a new notebook, along with being able to keep the home PC regularly up-to-date and in good working order is well worth subscribing to this fantastic service.


Stephen, Janine and Callum Lauder

After Upgrading to Windows 7...

You will want the latest Windows 7-compatible drivers on your PC to get the most out of your system and to avoid problems. However, making certain you have them is a challenge. To be sure, you could contact the vendors for every accessory on your PC (or search the Internet), determine if the driver you have needs to be updated, and then download and install the new version. That would be a very time consuming task.

Fortunately, there is a much easier way. DriverAgent has automated this task. The program scans your computer to discover what drivers you need, and then checks an online database to determine if any updates are available. If there are, you can instruct DriverAgent to automatically download and install the updates.

By using DriverAgent after you have installed Windows 7, you can be assured that you are starting out with your PC at its best. Then, from time to time, run a DriverAgent scan to make sure all your device drivers stay up-to-date. This will help keep Windows 7 and your PC in top performing shape.

If you're interesting in making Windows 7 look more like XP, check out this tip at www.windowsupgrade.net.



A Jolly Good Gift Idea 

Family Saves Money Using DriverAgent

After Upgrade to Windows 7


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WindowsUpgrade.net has free advice for those considering the Windows 7 operating system upgrade.


Are outdated drivers hurting your PC's Performance?

Perform a driver scan now!


Is your PC corrupted with errors? A complimentary scan will automatically identify registry problems and provide a complete report detailing harmful system conflicts and errors.

Perform a registry scan now!

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