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I got the BIOS e-mailed to me after I paid on-line for it. It worked awesome, fixed all the issues! You guys provide a great service, I am really impressed! Will definitely be telling all my friends who have BIOS issues to call you guys!

Thank you once again,
Mike C.

Now you guys are going to hear my praise... The performance increase on this machine vs. the old HP BIOS performance is noticeable. I'm very impressed with the freedom I have to configure the motherboard. Many others who have this board are seeking a good BIOS for it. The HP BIOS is too restrictive and it's buggy. If I encounter anyone looking to find an unlocked BIOS for their machine or wishes to extend the life of their board, I will send them your way.

Joe C.

It's like having a new PC, my Athlon XP 1300 is now giving my AMD64 3000 a run for it's money (well, nearly). Suse Linux 9.1 and XP SP2 are both perfect and fast.

You guys are tops.
Thanks thanks thanks,

Received new BIOS and CPU, installed running great, thank you for all the service and support during the past month.

Again thank you,
Lloyd B.

Documentation was crystal clear, the BIOS was all done in less than 2 minutes.

Steve H.

Thank you very much. Your company has been pleasing to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asked.


Received my BIOS today, everything worked as advertised. You folks have a good company with a pleasant, competent staff.

Thank you,
Joe S.

Thanks a million. My PC is now as good as it has ever been and the new BIOS has resolved a number of problems.

Gerald T.
York, Great Britain


I downloaded the upgrade yesterday, and had the BIOS flashed in a matter of minutes. My 250GB drives are now recognized and everything looks GREAT... I'm sure I will be needing additional BIOS upgades in the future, and will be contacting you then. Thanks for the speedy reply.

Cliff T.

Thanks - BIOS updated, and now it recognizes my 160G drive.

Thank you very much,
Ray C.

To the eSupport crew,

Every once in a while some things actually work. If companies do a good job, I like to let them know. Your BIOS installed without a hitch, and now I can read my flash disk drives on my Pentium III 650mhz motherboard. It is scary to me to try and update a BIOS because I have had some go wrong. I have been an embedded systems developer on Motorola MCUs for over 20 years, and have designed many flash downloaders. I always leave my customer with a 'if all else fails' recovery option, so it was not possible to download a bad BIOS on my machines.

Again, job well done.

Doug M.

I have received and installed both the BIOS and CPU. Runs perfectly. What a great idea, I'm fully satisfied with your product. Installed an 80 Gig disk and copied my 20 Gig, looks good. I will be sending more BIOS Agent results to see if you can upgrade a PII-450 for my daughter.

Thanks again,

I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent service and support I received! The Flash BIOS worked GREAT!

I kept getting the following error, "System Disk failure" whenever I rebooted my computer. No matter what I tried, I could not get past the error message. I then reinstalled Windows XP and still had a problem with my computer recognizing my USP Ports and Ethernet card. Finally, I contacted your team and was advised to purchase a BIOS Upgrade Flash.

I downloaded the file, followed the very easy to understand instructions and my computer was, and still is, up and running GREAT!

Thanks again,
Frank P

Hi Everyone,

The new BIOS upgrade that I recently purchased has worked wonders for my PC. Previously, I had installed a USB 2.0/Firewire PCI card and experienced problems from the start, my machine would not shutdown and constantly restarted when the shutdown option was chosen.

Your upgrade has solved all of my problems and the PC now seems to run twice as fast. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the team for their hard work and support which is much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Ian B.

The upgrade was easy to install and worked perfectly. I have gone from a 10G to a 80G hard drive with no problems.

Thank you for the outstanding assistance.

James M
Silverdale, WA

The process went well. Instuctions were good, accurate, and easy to follow. Web links were quick and effiecient, very intuitive. No errors, no hassle, no pain and anguish. Machine runs... in fact everything is snappier than I expected.

You folks clearly know what you are doing (it will however, take me a while to convince myself to give SP2 another shot at my baby here...although I now have no doubts about the integrity of my BIOS).


Hi All,

Thank you for the new BIOS. It did the job! For your reference, here are the differences I noticed after flashing the BIOS and loading the failsafe CMOS defaults on my Windows Me machine:
1) PNY VERTO GeForce 5500 AGP 8x graphics card is now accepted and works perfectly. Before the new BIOS the machine would give one long beep and two short ones (indicating video card failure).
2) A PCI printer card that wasn't recognized before was detected by Windows and automagically installed.

Thanks again,
Kipp H.


Thanks for your support. The upgrade works excellently and solved all of my open issues.
All the best for your team and have a great new year.

Kind regards,
Joerg S.

I just wanted to say that you all came through for me. I will update my other computer with you guys. If you ever have any other important computer programs please tell me. You have proven that eSupport is a great place to get help and do business.

Thanks for all you do,
Pickerington, OH

Hi Gene,

Downloaded the flash and installed it. Instant success and XP installed like a dream. Thank you!

Best regards,


Excellent instructions, no problems, all went well.


Yesterday I ordered the BIOS upgrade for my computer. Its a 900mhz machine that constantly froze up anytime I would use a USB device, forget it it was frozen. I couldn`t even install Windows XP...When I managed to install it between freeze ups, you guessed it; Windows froze solid. After reading about the BIOS upgrade I thought it was a scam, boy was I wrong... My machine is like brand new, in fact even faster. I installed Windows XP and all my USB devices. I left my computer on for 5 hours last night expecting a freeze up. The computer was running great and a lot faster. Thank you so much. You saved me a cost of a brand new computer!

Pat K
Lasalle, Ontario, Canada

Way cool, the guy I spoke to was very very helpful.

Again thanks,
Jeff F.

Dear eSupport,

Thank you for your AwardBIOS upgrade! It's perfect. It solved a lot of the problems I had with my old BIOS. No doubt, the Award software and eSupport team are the best in the software industry. Please keep me informed of any new BIOS knowledge. Have a great holiday!

Best Regards,

Just thought you'd like to know after all the back and forth. The process worked flawlessly. Thanks for your help--and persistence.

Siren, WI

I would like to thank you for your good support. Our problem is solved, our application is running, our customer is happy, and we are happy. So have a nice week.

Thanks for all.

Kindest Regards,

Nils, Germany

I have it installed, running and it appears to be working great. The fans are working right and so far my applications seem to run with no problems. I appreciate your efforts in getting the bios to work so my computer retains its value as a tool for todays times. I am pleased with my computers performance and all your efforts. Thanks again!

David I.

Thank you for the excellent support on the telephone; the installation was a success and it appears that the M500 server is a new computer! Your support literature and your expertise - (knowing that the clear CMOS (f10) would accept the video card if the operating system is compatible) without having to uninstall Windows XP Pro Already installed definitely saved 18 months of work.

P.S. this is the cost effective measure for a system upgrade to XP and Net Server as well.

Keith S.

A couple of weeks ago you helped me with a bios upgrade from eSupport. You asked for my feedback on an XP Pro upgrade from Win98 that I was about to perform. Well I did upgrade and decided to wait to tell you, so that I could give you a more accurate analysis. I am very pleased with the new operating system and XP Pro is much more stable for me. I ordered the eSupport Bios upgrade to enable installation of a new WD 120GB drive. It really did the trick and I was able to make all upgrades with minimal challenges.

I was very skeptical about the benefits of a bios upgrade before I began. Now I'm a believer since my PC is effectively a new machine. I've been able to leave it running for several days in a row without a single crash before shutting down. The eSupport bios upgrade was the new foundation that my PC needed, to make everything else work. Thanks again for your help during my upgrade. I will definitely recommend your company!

Best Regards,
Robert A.

Thank you. Your thoroughness and knowledge were very helpful in my state of frustration. I am enjoying my new BIOS immensely. It's given new life to my clunker.

Roger B.

I just wanted to let you all know that both the BIOS upgrade and PowerLeap 1.4 GHz Slot 1 processor I bought from you work EXACTLY as advertised. The flashing went flawlessly and the processor installation (baring a minor screw-up by me at the outset in not getting if fully seated the first time around) was smooth as clock work.

The independent speed tests I've conducted show that the Tualatin 1.4 GHz processor actually does perform >=2X the original PIII 667 EB (MIPS, MFLOPS, etc.). That also is apparent in real life applications, so I couldn't be more pleased.

Keep up the good work and please do let me know if you develop any further enhancements that would be applicable to my system.

Best of Regards,

To Everyone at,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I just wanted to write your support team and thank every one, even those behind the scenes for the instructions and all the information pertaining to the Flash Bios Upgrade that I recently purchased. The whole process went so well, that I was completely amazed at the final results. Well, it took me about 5 minutes to prepare the diskette and another 2 minutes to complete everything else. Needless to say, this was a complete success and I did it in under 10 minutes. I just wanted to thank you and tell you how easy you've made all of this for me to do myself. My computer to say the least works perfectly well and some of those little problems I was experiencing and those annoying lockups are a thing of the past. They're gone!

I'm going to mention this to some of my computer buddies, on the golf course this weekend. Can I sell these upgrades for you? I'm sure they'll like to take advantage of this too! Just kidding of course!!! I just wanted to make your day because you made mine.

I am very satisfied...

Thanks again!

Joe L.
Naples, FL

The BIOS upgrade seems to have been a complete success. I have noticed a little faster speeds with various programs and internet--and the screen seems brighter. Had a little problem with the Nvidia graphics card but after re-installing the drivers, it worked even better then before.

Very satisfied with the results. The online written support was very useful.

Mike F.


Thank you for my flash upgrade. The installation went flawlessly and I now have my new 120Gb hard drive installed, which was the object of the exercise.

John R.
Oriental, NC

Just a note of thanks. I placed an order for a BIOSTAR M6TBA BIOS upgrade (part # 2a69kbod) that was e-mailed to me, followed the instructions and in seconds was completed. I can't tell you how many boards are out there that people are looking to upgrade and don't know where to go.

Again thanks.
Jack N.
Somers, NY

IT WORKED!!!!! I love you I love you I love you I love you!! I'm putting you in my will. God bless you!!! Thank you so much. I hope you hit the lottery.

Julie G.
Columbus, IN

I installed the new BIOS in my dodgy mother board - Chaintech 7AJA, bought cheaply with a 950 MHz Duron. It used to freeze at random times. Now it has been just fine for over 3 weeks.

I now have a superbly reliable computer. You seem to have fixed more than one problem. I can run both Windows 2000 Pro and Red Hat Linux - no problems. So I am very pleased with your service. Thank you.

Peter W.
Six-fours, France

My heart felt thanks. You have saved me from having to find a different source for bios in future systems!

Larry P.
Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada

Nice package. Install went very smooth. Used the MS-DOS boot disk made by Windows XP pro and it ran fine. Nice increase in speed.


James C.
Des Moines, IA

I want to thank you for the CPU. It's working great. This is the second time eSupport has saved my computer.
Thanks again.

Mack S.
Columbus, GA

Update: The chip has just been delivered to me in sunny Shropshire. What an incredible service.

Thank you very much.